We are parents of 3 girls who love stuffed animals.  One day we had the realization that the toys they spent the most time with had zero spiritual value. Why didn't we get them a plush Jesus doll that spoke Jesus’ phrases from the Bible?  Turns out it didn’t exist. So, we got busy and made the Talking Jesus Doll.

And in the last few years, toys have been weaponized with wokeness.  Big Toy and Big Cartoon relentlessly push a pro-LGBT, anti-white, anti-police or anti-family agenda to separate your child from their family and from their Creator. 

The only salvation this world has is in Jesus Christ.  It is vital that Jesus is present in a child's critical formative years. Plus, repetition of Jesus' lessons like The Lords Prayer and John 3:16 create the foundation for a life in Christ. 

This unique product was divinely inspired, and clearly suited for these times. Our mission is to share Jesus with as many children as possible.  Pray for the success of this company and Teach Your Kids Before the World Does.